The Return of Gas Pains

Gas Pain Promotional Opportunities Return


With the increasing costs of gasoline on everyone’s mind, this is an ideal time to attract and capture BRAND NEW customers. 

Autopilot offers a proven promotion with the return launch of one or our all-time highest responding promotions EVER, “Gas Pains”. 


Promotion Type: 

Match & Win

Grand Prize : Odds of winning 1:5,000

ONE YEAR SUPPLY of FREE GAS(prize value = $5200*)

Secondary Prize: Odds of winning 1:200

One of 25 FREE Tanks of Gas(prize value = $100**)

Our "Summer of 2022 Gas Pains" Promotional Package includes:

  • 50/50 mix of your inactive customers with NEW Prospects in your own market area
  • 5000 12 x 10.5 Bifold mailers printed on 8 pt. cover stock
  • Download and NCOA of your customer database 
  • Acquisition of 2500 brand new conquest records 
  • VIN Ownership Verification of the final list
  • Prize Insurance to cover the $7700 match & Win
  • 3 11 x 17 laminated posters for service counter
  • USPS Presort Standard Postage 


(Reduced $500)


Attention grabbing cartoon graphics capture the agony of current high gas prices. 

Autopilot Gas Pains

Autopilot Gas Pains

Autopilot Gas Pains


We suggest offering a combo offer on the backside including many inspection items.  

Include coupons featuring repairs and maintenances proven helpful in maximizing both vehicle performance and fuel economy

We include 3 promotional posters to feature the winning numbers in the service drive. 

We suggest each dealer promote the combination of Free Gas for the Year Gand Prize award plus 25 winners of a Free Tank of Gas to achieve the maximum response. Included in our package price is the insurance to cover the  total prize value of $7700. 

Autopilot Gas Pains

Odds of winning a Years Supply of Gas is 1:5000
Odds of winning a Tank of Gas is 1:200
*A Years Supply of Free Gas is limited to $100 per week x 52 weeks. ** a tank of gas has a prize value of $100.