Direct Mail Products

Direct Mail Products

Valentine's Day Promotions

This is our best performing Holiday Card format and featuring a glued-in-place removable Gift Card likely to find its way into your customer's wallets, purses and even their Christmas Stockings; generating a steady flow of traffic both before and after the Holiday Season.

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2022 Valentine's Day Promotions



High Gas Prices Bring Opportunities for Marketing

Our updated Gas Pains direct mail program has consistently produced results when prices are high, and includes $3700 of provided insurance.

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Autopilot Gas Pains



Large Formats for Impact:
Does size matter in direct mail? The first hurdle in direct mail is getting noticed. If standing heads and shoulders above your competition is important, then standing tall in the mailbox is a must. We suggest reserving our largest sized pieces for special “Big sales” and announcements as higher postage and printing costs apply.


Medium Sized Formats for Cost Savings:
Exposure frequency, consistency of mail formats and strongly conveyed offers are important elements in branding your dealership and maximizing your advertising ROI. Our best-selling, highest performing mail formats are quarter-folded self-mailers with perforated coupons that can be easily detached and retained.


Specialty Formats for Holidays and Events:
According to the United States Postal Service, on average 3 out of 4 consumers receive and open their mail the same day its delivered. Combined with the anticipation of holiday cards and gifts, your holiday campaign will be well received. We offer a number of specialty formats from gift cards to checkbook mailers.


Holiday Cards

Choose from either a graphically depicted or glued in gift card - inserted into an envelope for best presentation.

Thank You or Introductory Cards

This card also works well with a glued in gift card

12x22 tri-fold or 12x18 bi-fold

Our 12x22 tri-fold is designed with a flap for 8 perforated coupons.

12x18 Quarter-fold

Features 12 perforated coupons and a fully customized special feature section

6x22 Tri-fold

Any of our designs can be adapted to fit your choice of over 30 formats.


12x10.5 Bi-fold

Features 6-10 coupons. Ideal format to economically broadcast your advertising message with maximum impact.